How much vacant housing is there in Florida? You asked, we answered

“When it comes to building new affordable housing, however, most real estate developers will cite “scarcity” of vacant land as one of the biggest hurdles in Miami-Dade County.

However, a new mapping tool unveiled last spring by the University of Miami showed 500 million square feet of vacant or underutilized land scattered across the county. 

“The ... tool can play an instrumental role in developing the affordable housing we desperately need right now,” Annie Lord, executive director of Miami Homes For All, told the Miami Herald. Miami Homes for All is a nonprofit group devoted to combating homelessness.

Lord is also a Florida Influencer, who when polled was in the majority of Influencers who said the state should dedicate 100% of money in the two trust funds for affordable housing instead of sweeping it for other uses. 

“Half a billion square feet of vacant or underused publicly owned land could represent an enormous opportunity,” she said. “While we realize not every lot is suitable for this housing, certainly some of it is.”

Miami Homes For All