Help in the fight for affordable housing

“Every resident in Miami can participate in addressing this problem in two ways,” Lord says. “First, we need to be more flexible in how we define our way of life. Our county is growing and improving in so many beautiful ways, attracting more residents every day. The only way to absorb more and younger residents is to increase the inventory of housing in more neighborhoods – not just downtown. Those of us who are more fortunate still cannot afford to drive the workforce further and further away from employment centers. Everyone’s quality of life will increase when we can live in more integrated, less segregated communities.” 

“Second,” she says, “we have to vote for statewide policy-makers and policies that won’t strip away our local ability to address the affordability crisis – one that we experience more than anywhere else in Florida. We all need to vote for state legislators that won’t raid the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Also, we need to be on the lookout for policies that are proposed under the guise of putting money back into taxpayers’ pockets, when in fact they gouge municipalities’ scarce resources for essential services like fire, police, water and sewer – never mind affordable housing.”

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