Housing in Miami Is Among The Most Expensive In The World. Here's What the City is Doing

“The City of Miami is creating a “master plan” to address its affordable housing crisis, with a goal of creating 12,000 affordable units by 2024…

…The discussion mostly relied on creative solutions, like taking advantage of publicly-owned land.

According to Annie Lord, Executive Director of Miami Homes For All, there is five hundred million square feet of publicly owned vacant land in Miami Dade County. She says it can be used to create small multi-family units.

“Most of our rental housing is small multi-family properties,” Lord says. “But we don’t really have the financing, or the civic infrastructure, to support building more of that.”

The city has considered creating a vagrant tax to help with the funding. Developers who own units or land that are not being occupied would be taxed, but Lord says that did not go over well with the residents in the room.

What has been popular in nearly every meeting, Lord says, is lowering property taxes for developers who create affordable units.”

Miami Homes For All